Open Water Swim for Children

An open water swim session tailored to the needs of your children. They will be taught basic open water swim techniques and safety considerations when swimming in the sea.

 The following will be covered during a session:

1. Safety Briefing

  • Safety considerations and techniques for open water swimming.
  • Basic understanding of open water conditions (current, tides, etc.)
  • What to do when facing difficulties in the open water.

2. Training

All kids can expect to begin with a swim around a short loop, followed by a longer loop depending on individual child’s comfort level and swimming ability.

Parents are advised to stand aside & watch without interfering during the session so that focus will be on their children’s safety.

What to wear and bring along

  • Swim gear
  • Bright Swim Cap (for safety
  • Water for hydration
  • Sunscreen
  • Shower stuff (basic shower facilities available at ECP carpark F2 toilet)

Session Details

  • Venue: East Coast Park, at the shore 100m to the right of carpark F2 in the direction of Bedok Jetty
  • Date: 20/8
  • Time: 830am to 10am
  • Fee: $25/kids

Email or contact me at 9101 4211 for registration.

All parents are required to sign an indemnity form prior to the session if they have not already done so. Any questions will be answered after the session.