My last day of work in 25 years

On 31/5/16, this picture was taken after my very last class for 25 years. Felt the emptiness and sadness just by sitting down there. I not sure how many kids and adults have i coached but i guess its in thousands.

I love my job especially the last 10 years where i started my company
It was the time of my life, lots of joy, some sadness along the way. As a full time coach, you can made a fortune provided you save those earning.

Now that i ended my Yellowfish empire, what’s next for me now??I yet to find out…come what may…



On Dec 2013, this little terror came into our lives. Never dream that we will bring back a dog eventhough we thought was just to go to the farm and see see, look look only.
To me, BooBoo is fated to meet us because she was in the very last kennel that we were contemplating to go in after a beagle that ignore us totally.
As we walked in reluctantly and asked if they have any beagles, the owner immediately brought out a cute little tiny, starving, weak, bad skin beagle.

She started crawling to us, from that moment, we know we were in trouble. Like Jane said, its not the rider who choose the horse, its the horse that chooses you.

Pooooof..2 years, 8 months!!! Was very tough for the initial few months.



Today is the day i will remember for life. It’s the first day being “jobless” or “retired” from working for 25 years in Singapore. Preparing to move to Sydney in July 2016.

While i was running, more & more memories flash infront of me, work, races, people, 1st marriage, parents…

There is so much over the 48 years here, so much to think, so much to say …..such is life, come what may…

My bad experienced with Ben Tan from CGH

My bad experience with CGH, Ben Tan. “How? Go find a cow lor”
Nov 2015 I waited a month just to see him. Waited 1hr & as I enter his room, he was bz typing, he took a glance at me & asked “what can i do for u?” & he turn his head back to his computer.
“oh no another typical injured runner”. That was my feeling I got. Without him asking much, I volunteered to explain to him how I felt about my back problem. No question was ask about my history, nutrition, my method of training, lifestyle, diet which any doctor will ask (he is so call a specialist)
I was told to bend down, a few touched on my knee & glutes with his pen, “u go X-ray” he said.
What was that????? I asked myself!!!
Of course I further asked him why,
He said, ” hit the wall lor”, “age lor” ” last time Tiger Woods can play golf & now he cant what”
I am prepared to listen to his advice but at least tell me more, explain in a medical way, ask my history, listen to my thoughts but …NO,,,
He left me sitting there quietly for few min while he was talking to someone about writing a CGH article & after he was done he turn to me ” so how?? X-ray??”
So how? Go find a cow lor, thats what I feel like replying him.
As i stand up & about to walk out & i said ” its ok”,
To my suprised he said ” next time u come again, there will be another consultation fee of $125″
So this Ben Tan?The one who ppl talk about?? Think Marine Parade Wei Ming Clinic can do a better job.
Some of my friends encounter the same treatment from him too. Nothing personal cos i always thought he is a helpful guy but i think he need to have a better approach to patients.