My bad experienced with Ben Tan from CGH

My bad experience with CGH, Ben Tan. “How? Go find a cow lor”
Nov 2015 I waited a month just to see him. Waited 1hr & as I enter his room, he was bz typing, he took a glance at me & asked “what can i do for u?” & he turn his head back to his computer.
“oh no another typical injured runner”. That was my feeling I got. Without him asking much, I volunteered to explain to him how I felt about my back problem. No question was ask about my history, nutrition, my method of training, lifestyle, diet which any doctor will ask (he is so call a specialist)
I was told to bend down, a few touched on my knee & glutes with his pen, “u go X-ray” he said.
What was that????? I asked myself!!!
Of course I further asked him why,
He said, ” hit the wall lor”, “age lor” ” last time Tiger Woods can play golf & now he cant what”
I am prepared to listen to his advice but at least tell me more, explain in a medical way, ask my history, listen to my thoughts but …NO,,,
He left me sitting there quietly for few min while he was talking to someone about writing a CGH article & after he was done he turn to me ” so how?? X-ray??”
So how? Go find a cow lor, thats what I feel like replying him.
As i stand up & about to walk out & i said ” its ok”,
To my suprised he said ” next time u come again, there will be another consultation fee of $125″
So this Ben Tan?The one who ppl talk about?? Think Marine Parade Wei Ming Clinic can do a better job.
Some of my friends encounter the same treatment from him too. Nothing personal cos i always thought he is a helpful guy but i think he need to have a better approach to patients.

2015 Cebu 70.3

It was a “colorful” race to me. I love the place & the way they organized, right from the start from race pack to the end when i took back my bike.


It was 345am on the race day, me & Chew Chew woke up for a quick breakfast. Jane was still snoring in Lala land. Upon reaching the check in area, it was already very crowded, seems like they never sleep!

As i walked to the beach for the start, i was shocked by how they arranged for the swim start. They were pans for you to choose according to your estimated swim time & the rolling start was a great idea to ease congestion in the sea. Boats were line-up along the swim stretch with decoration…wow lau…it’s impressive!


SWIM– Water was so clear till you can see fishes swimming along, countless divers watching your safety. Me & Chew Chew can even waved & smiled at each other aswe swim. Never felt so safe in any sea swim i attended.

BIKE– Oh men!!! The whole town woke up for us!! Cheering & yelling, kids were shouting, girls were smiling. As if it feels like Tour De France. As you bike further in most races, crowd gets lesser. NOPE! Not for Cebu, the turn around point were flooded with people cheering!! At 40km i started to have cramps on my right quad & i have to come down for a rest & stretch. At 80km just before the bridge, again i have to come down & push 200m up that steep bridge. I knew my race is gone liao but i told myself i must finish these.


RUN– When i started my run, i would imagine it’s going to be a boring & painful run BUT to my surprised, the whole village were helping to give out water & ice. Some even blast their speakers from home, cheering all the way. The turn around point stretches around 3km was a test for everyone because it was hot & not a shades to hide even. I have to run topless for the 2nd loop.


It was worth flying up there even there was a stop over in some Ulu island. I enjoyed the stay & the company in Shangri-la, food was so yummy. Jane & Chew Chew was entertaining (noisy), Yoshi EJ (evil japanese) keeps coming to our room (noisy), Jeffrey got a shock of his life because Jessica suddenly show up 10 hours before the race.

Now that i think back, all those 6 years of Singapore Aviva 70.3, Putra Jaya 70,3 was nothing compared to Cebu 70.3. It wasn’t a case of “you pay peanuts, get peanuts”, more like in a small island like Cebu, there is noting to loose but gain if this race continue, that’s why they put in so much effort.

Smart answer


I often askedkids what they want to be when they grow up & the answer is commonly a doctor, firemen, police, nurse etc..but for Ethan Tait, is different & its my first & the most smart answer i ever heard.

“I dont want to grow up, i want to be a kid forever, lots of toys & adults got  many troubles”