Open Water Swim

Preparing for any Open Water or Triathlon event? This is a Open Water Swim clinic that can give you more on how to swim in the sea and followed by a short circuit of swim training. A 200m & 50m swim course is build for your training.

You will be expecting– Navigation through sighting of markers, understanding of the tidal currents and swimming/drafting in a pack are just a few important techniques in open water swimming. These and other skills to improve your efficiency, endurance and confidence in thses session.

Session Details

  • Venue: East Coast Park, at the shore 100m to the right of carpark F2 in the direction of Bedok Jetty
  • Date: 2017 September 17
  • Time: 8am to 10am
  • Fee: Adults or Children $25

Email or contact David at 9101 4211 for registration.