Sydney Blackmores Run Festival



Participants–Very few people taking wefie or selfie at the start or in the middle of the run, except me!!

Most of us had a jacket, sweater & generously donate away when flag-off. Good thing i found a sweater as i walked out at 350am but Jane said that i am a thief!!

Very corporative in their actual pan start that was divided into A,B,C upon registration.

Very chatty but not about “i never train”, ” i was sick”, “Very nice leh, where you buy that top?” etc

Many “models” running…very nice to look at. Tall, pretty, good shape,,,etc etc etc,,wink!


Standards of runners–This part is very amusing! In Singapore, you likely will see fewer runners at the last 4km+ cause everyone starts to get tired but here it feels like it just the beginning of the run where everyone dashing to the end!

2h to 230 here is consider average, below 1h 45 is normal. #%#@///!!!

Looks are deceiving!! Those fast girls are very sweet looking, they smiled & next thing you only smell smokes..kana con.

Routes— I always remembered that i have to avoid runners near the finishing line as merging from different distances but there were no bottle neck at all & during the run because 42km start 1h later & heading to a different route on their first half, 10km 2h later, fun run 3h later. What a good plan!

SLOPES SLOPES SLOPES (see attached elevation) except last the 4km.

Consolation part was the temperature at 15 degree.

Road closure are highly supported by government as they are not in the hurry to open the road, thus, 42km runners can start at 7am instead of 5am!! OMG!








Pacers— I have lots of friends doing a pacer job back in Singapore including myself but please don’t be offended for this part. There were no balloons needed but just ONE 2m flag. 1 pacer only, 5min apart, no RA RA, no whistles, no bells, no yelling, no clapping, no shouting when updating their pace, no noise!! Very “Navy Seals”, sometimes you don’t even know they are running towards you from the opposite side.

Organizer— Public transport were free, both ways as long as you show your bib.

Start and end in different iconic location. Started at the other side of the bridge near Luna Park (Milson) and ended at Opera House!

Water was served at the start. Great supporters, mainly retirees not students.

Entrance to start pan is strictly followed by your grouping when you register.I used to climb over but here the fence is too high.

Easy logistics as few water station needed because of weather. Not many marshals were needed because everyone just follow.

Smooth race bib collection. They don’t give “un necessary” items. Option to buy upon registration with discount.

Bag deposit upon bib collection day, so no hassles for both participants & organiser.

Online shops, discounts, free training, nutritions advice & lots of updates/news.

Gears that runners wear— Everyone has it own style. You don’t see many” twins, triplets or quadruplets” apparels except those who represent their run club. A uncle was wearing a collar shirts to run!

Runners got lots of shoes & apparels choices here, there were not much “copy cat”. You don’t see just the usual brand or colour.

Big brands do dominate but not high in %.

Lots of girls in yoga run gears.

So i was rewarded with a big breakfast by Jane. VEGETARIAN…#2!//Z



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