1st day in Sydney


It’s winter here and it feels like air-conditioning everywhere. For sure you don’t feel tired, sticky, irritating after a day out compared to Singapore.

Food is reasonable cheap, fresh, healthy. Everyone don’t rush around here, courteous, friendly and chatty, if you chat with them.Traffic is kind of congested but only on the main street. 

Registration at the campus was our priority. Campus looks like Harry Potter castle from the front.

First challenge was to find a apartment where is pet friendly. Well, thinking that is Australia, should be easier but NO!!! As my princess is arriving in 7 days time from Melbourne, time is crucial.

Next was to be able to cook. Luckily that was ez. Our first dish was steaks with lots of veg!!! Surprisingly it’s yummy eating healthy. I don’t miss Singapore food at all…


Studying the map was my next job as i will be running a lot here before my bike arrive in 2 months time. I am still lost over where to run but my first attempt on  will be, Glebe point at the Bay, Wentworth Park, Sydney Fish Market, Darling Harbour, Opera house, Royal Botanic Garden!! OK, i am lost already..shall see what happen tomorrow.

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